Our Recent Research

Attitudes about Lawsuits & Damages

Upcoming Antitrust Research

We are drafting a 1000 respondent national survey on antitrust issues, focusing on the recent U.S. Department of Justice cases against Facebook and Google.  However, our interest in goes beyond these lawsuits. Given the cataclysmic events of 2020, we want to get a better understanding of the historical moment we’re now in, and to better forecast […]

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Jury Trials During the Pandemic

Courthouse Safety Protocols for Pandemic Protections

Courthouse Safety Protocols for Pandemic Protections Bonora Rountree conducted a survey in July seeking to understand which safety protocols were most important to potential jurors. The survey included the protocols that are most often used in COVID-19 safety surveys (for example, masks, temperature screenings, wide availability of hand sanitizers) and added two jury-specific safety protocols […]

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Consulting, Implicit Bias

Attorney Gender Presentation: What’s Good For The (Masculine) Goose Is Not Good For The (Feminine) Gander

The American Bar Association (ABA) has explored several initiatives to reduce bias against women lawyers. Two 2018 articles, one in The Atlantic by Lara Bazelon, and a reply by Chris Arguedas that appeared in The Recorder, offer different views gender in the courtroom. They offer their views on presentation styles that female attorneys employ before […]

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