Jury Questionnaires

Questionnaires are essential in revealing the biases that jurors may possess, but be reluctant to admit in open court. Our questionnaire database includes thousands of questions covering scores of topics for both civil and criminal cases. Our experience allows us to tailor a questionnaire specifically for your case that effectively reveals the biases that matter, and increases the likelihood of gaining cause challenges for jurors who are inclined to favor the opposing side.

Voir Dire Strategies & Mock Voir Dire

Thinking strategically about voir dire is an important part in obtaining a jury that is most receptive to your case. We work with the team to develop a comprehensive voir dire strategy that takes into account the expected length of your trial and the likelihood of biases predominating for or against your client within the venue. If jury questionnaires are permitted, and a random list is provided, we think strategically about where the biases within the jury pool occur, and develop strategies regarding cause and peremptory challenges that minimize the likelihood that a juror who has biases against your client will be seated on the jury.

Social Media Research

Social media and online research about jurors can be extremely useful in providing accurate assessments of jurors. Reviewing jurors’ posts on social media platforms can provide insights into their worldview, which may be relevant in how they assess your case.

In-Court Selection Assistance

We assess jurors’ verbal and non-verbal communications, and provide follow-up questions designed to reveal additional information, rehabilitate favorable jurors, and get unfavorable jurors excused for cause. We think strategically about the jury pool by noting where clusters of good and bad jurors occur, and make recommendations for planning your peremptory challenges.

Summaries of Seated Jurors

After jury selection, we provide the team with concise summaries of the jurors’ in-court statements during voir dire and on questionnaires. Based on the jurors’ statements, we provide assessments of the evidence that is likely to matter most to the jurors. These summaries are useful to review before opening statements, and periodically during the trial, to trigger your recollections about statements that the jurors made during jury selection.