Unprecedented times require the wisdom of experience. Our consultants were among the first to participate in Zoom jury selections. We have been conducting online mock trials and focus groups since the early days of the pandemic.

You have questions.
We have answers.

As thorough researchers with decades of experience, we apply the research tools you need to help you build a winning case.

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From theme development to jury selection, our consultants will find ways to strengthen your case.

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Helping you present the best case, to the most receptive audience of jurors.

Our services are built upon the foundation of effective trial presentation:

  • A simple story
  • Themes that resonate
  • Witnesses who can testify clearly, and with confidence
  • Visual images that people understand and remember
  • Openings and closings that move and persuade
  • Jurors who will listen, watch and judge with an open mind

What Our Clients Are Saying

Jurors make their decisions at trial using their intellect and their hearts.
The challenge for the trial lawyer is to shape the case so that jurors can reason their way to a verdict without contradicting their instincts about what is right and just.

We help lawyers develop trial strategies and case themes that will reach all kinds of people, in ways that appeal to their intellectual, emotional, and moral concerns.

It's likely we have experience with cases like yours...

Age Discrimination
Bid Rigging
Breach of Contract
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Breach of FRAND Agreements
Construction Projects & Redevelopment
Consumer Class Action
Eminent Domain
Insurance Coverage
Patent Infringement
Private Attorney General Actions (PAGA)
Race Discrimination
Theft of Trade Secrets
Unfair Competition
Utilities & Public Power

Our consultants have decades of experience.

In fact, one of our firm's principal members helped found the field of Trial Consulting. Contact us to find out how our experience can help you overcome the challenges in your case, and help you win.

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