Trial Monitoring

With one of our trial consultants monitoring your trial, you will have the benefit of efficient feedback as your case progresses. This allows our clients to spend a larger portion of their time focusing on the obstacles of their case as opposed to what the jurors are thinking. Based on our in-court observations, we offer suggestions to strengthen case themes and evidence up to the final moments of your judge or jury trial.

Shadow Juries

Jurors’ reactions to trial themes and witness testimony are often difficult to assess in the midst of trial. Shadow juries provide you with feedback from a lay audience during trial.  Our trial consultants’ daily debriefings with shadow jurors serve as guideposts that allow you to steer the narrative of the case to maximize the likelihood of victory.

Post-Trial Interviews

Post-trial interviews provide crucial information about jurors’ deliberations and reasoning processes. Timely interviews of jurors can be a cost-effective knowledge resource when facing the possibility of an appeal, retrial, or in preparation for similar litigation.