Millennium Tower Construction Defects: Our Findings

In December 2016, we asked 204 jury-eligible residents of San Francisco County about their opinions regarding alleged construction defects at Millennium Tower in the SoMa District of San Francisco.

We found that a vast majority of our survey participants had heard something about the construction defects at Millennium Tower.


After providing a short summary of facts for the 11% of participants who had not heard about the construction problems at Millennium Tower, our next question gauged their assessment of the seriousness of the issues. As shown in the chart below, 97% of the respondents held the opinion that the construction problems were “very” or “somewhat” serious.


Our survey then explored participants’ opinions about awarding compensation to people who purchased property in Millennium Tower and to the developers of the building. The results show a stark contrast between participants’ willingness to award to those parties, with 84% willing to award compensation to unit purchasers but only 18% willing to award compensation to the developers.


We were also interested in learning about participants’ experiences in the construction industry. Participants were evenly divided between those with no experience at all and those with a least a little experience.


For further statistical analysis of our survey findings, or for questions about our methodology, feel free to contact us.

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