Upcoming Antitrust Research

We are drafting a 1,000 respondent national survey on antitrust issues focusing on the recent Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice cases against Facebook and Google.  However, our interest goes beyond these lawsuits. Given the cataclysmic events of 2020, we want to get a better understanding of the historical moment we’re now in and be able to better forecast what’s ahead. Large scale surveys allow us to take the pulse of the nation while providing you, our clients, with informed intelligence about the opinion climate in the country and how that climate may impact decisions about your cases. 

Segments of the electorate are polarized and entrenched in their worldviews. The seams of democracy are being stretched as never before. We’ll be looking to see how political, educational, geographic, and economic conditions influence the public’s views about competition in the business world. Given the broad national scope of this survey, our findings will be useful for understanding the attitudinal landscape that is likely to shape many types of civil cases and especially those in the technology sector. 

Let us know if you would like us to notify you about our research results.

Bonora Rountree Trial Consulting & Research