Demographic Portrait of the Jury Pool in the U.S. District Court of Delaware

The jury pool for the District Court of Delaware differs from other key patent venues and has a significant population of African Americans. Compared to venues in the Northern and Central Districts of California, the District of Delaware has a somewhat strong Republican base. However, compared to the Eastern District of Texas, the District’s Republican base seems small.

Surprisingly, 10% of the workers in Delaware are part of the industry encompassing Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, while only 4% of workers in the Marshall Division work in that same industry.

Within the District, only 27% of households earn more than $100K, which is much less than that of either the San Jose Division (46%) or the Oakland/San Francisco Division (39%) in the Northern District of California. The District of Delaware also differs dramatically from these Northern District of California venues in the level of education with 30% having a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Delaware, contrasted with 43% in San Jose and 47% in the Oakland/San Francisco Division.

These are the latest jury pool demographics for the District:

  • 21% African American
  • 70% have not graduated from college
  • 32 % of households earn $50K-$100K
  • 10% work in the Finance/Insurance/Real Estate Industry
  • 28% Republican

Gender in the District of Delaware Age in the District of Delaware Racial Diversity in the District of Delaware Education in the District of Delaware Household Income in the District of Delaware Occupation in the District of Delaware Employment Industries in the District of Delaware Voter Registration in the District of Delaware

Demographic Data from 2016 American Community Survey (

2017 Voter Registration Statistics from State Government

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