Jurors make their decisions at trial using their intellect and their hearts. The challenge for the trial lawyer is to shape the case so that jurors can reason their way to a verdict without contradicting their instincts about what is right and just. Our services are designed to help lawyers develop trial strategies and case themes that will reach people—all kinds of people—in ways that appeal to their intellectual, emotional and moral concerns.

Our services are built around the requirements of effective trial presentation:

  • A simple story
  • Themes that resonate
  • Witnesses who can testify clearly, and with confidence
  • Visual images that people understand and remember
  • Openings and closings that move and persuade
  • Jurors who will listen, watch and judge with an open mind

Judges, arbitrators, and mediators expect the same clarity and competency that jurors hope for—an organized, compelling presentation, visuals to assist with complex material, and persuasive arguments.

Pretrial Consulting Services

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