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Pretrial Research

Mock Trials & Focus Groups

Mock trials offer you the opportunity to test the most compelling arguments for both sides, and incorporate documents, witnesses’ testimony, and impactful graphics into your presentations.  From moderated focus groups covering general case issues, to testing specific evidence and witnesses in mock trials with deliberations, our pretrial research is tailored to fit the needs of your case and your client’s budget. 

Pretrial Research Reports

Your team has options when it comes to receiving feedback and data from your pretrial research exercises: 

Online Surveys for Case & Evidence Evaluation

Online surveys provide a cost-effective method of gathering public opinions from a large number of jury-eligible residents.  In addition to collecting baseline attitudes that may influence how jurors view your case, these surveys also explore jurors’ leanings based on a concise summary of your case.

Publicity Analysis

Pretrial publicity can have a strong influence on how potential jurors perceive your case and your client. When done in conjunction with venue surveys, publicity analysis can be useful for determining whether a change of venue should be sought. Bonora Rountree consultants have extensive experience conducting content analysis of pretrial publicity, testing the extent to which pretrial publicity has created bias in the venue, and submitting declarations in support of specialized voir dire procedures or change of venue.

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