Alexis Forbes, Ph.D.

Associate Trial Consultant

Dr. Alexis Forbes is an Associate Trial Consultant with Bonora Rountree Trial Consulting & Research. Dr. Forbes works on criminal matters and complex civil litigation including class action, antitrust, trade secret, employment, and patent cases. She specializes in pretrial research, questionnaire construction, and voir dire strategies. Since 2014, Dr. Forbes has served our clients by deconstructing complex issues to produce communication that is clear, persuasive, and accurate. 

Dr. Forbes’ survey development and statistical analysis experience spans 11 years. She's a skilled statistician and research methodologist. Her ability to identify important themes and summarize quantitative and qualitative data makes her a vital member of our team. Along with her technical writings skills, Dr. Forbes practices the art of making research accessible to non-academics and legal professionals. 

Alexis earned a Ph.D. in Psychology & Law from the Graduate Center at the City University of New York (CUNY).  At the Graduate Center, Alexis studied under prominent scholars like Kevin Nadal, Steve Penrod, Margaret Bull Kovera, and Saul Kassin. Her publications and academic research focused on juror decision making, measuring the impact of gender and racial biases, and legal outcomes for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals. It is through these research experiences that Alexis developed her expertise in social psychology and behavioral processes, including group dynamics, persuasion, and negotiations. Alexis taught as an adjunct professor of Experimental Research Methods at John Jay College for five years.

Alexis recently joined the Board of Directors for the American Society of Trial Consultants and serves as the Co-Chair of the Professional Education Committee.