Alexis Forbes, Ph.D.

Associate Trial Consultant and Research Coordinator

Alexis Forbes is an Associate Trial Consultant and Research Coordinator with Bonora Rountree, LLC. She has a Ph.D. in Psychology & Law from John Jay College & The Graduate Center at CUNY, New York. Her publications and academic research have focused on the topics of pretrial publicity and juror decision making, the impact of expert testimony, the impacts of gender and racial biases, and legal outcomes for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered individuals.

Alexis has a broad range of case experience, including antitrust, product liability, employment, complex financial interests, and a variety of criminal cases. Alexis’ trial consulting experience includes participating in jury selections; drafting, reviewing, and managing supplemental juror questionnaires; conducting post-trial juror interviews; conducting qualitative and statistical data analysis; and organizing, analyzing, and writing reports on numerous mock trials. She has coded and analyzed qualitative data for multiple mock jury research projects, consulted on case assessment and theme development with clients, and prepared research reports.

During the course of her doctoral work, Alexis noticed a gap in the literature and sought to understand more about how juries respond to women and racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities in the courtroom. She conducted research that explored the relationship between gender presentation and assertiveness in court settings. It is through these research experiences that Alexis has developed her expertise in clinical psychology and behavioral processes, including group dynamics, persuasion, and negotiations. While completing her Ph.D., Alexis developed technical writing skills and the art of making research accessible to non-academics and legal professionals.

Alexis’ online survey development and analysis experience spans 7 years. With these online data sources, Alexis has used complex data analysis methods to assess the predictive value of behavioral models. Her ability to identify important themes and summarize quantitative and qualitative data makes her a vital member of our team.

Alexis was an Adjunct Professor at John Jay teaching Psychology Research Methods. As the co-Principal Investigator for an academic research grant, Alexis delegated work, developed research materials, trained research assistants, and corresponded with participants, institutions, and volunteers. In her capacity as our Research Coordinator, she provides our clients with strong management of research projects and uses her knowledge of legal psychology and psychological research methods to continue our tradition of producing high-quality jury research.